SK Group is in the local and long-distance business for more than 30 years and have since grown to be a truly reputable South African service provider, providing the highest quality of service to our clients.

Our impeccable service delivery within the local and long distance transport sector has sealed our reputation as a premier transporter in South Africa.

The selection of a transporter is a strategic business decision which must address the fundamental needs of a client. SK Group is in a position to fulfil these needs by providing both.

  • Cost Efficiency
  • Service Excellence


SK Group is an ISO 9001/2015 accredited company and signatory to Chemical and Allied Industries Association (Responsible Care) and RTMS (Road Transport Management System) accredited that specialises in the following services locally and nationally.

  • Freight (Superlink Tautliners, Flat Bed Trailers and Triaxle Semi Tautliners carrying capacity)
  • Bulk (Pressure and Non-Pressure insulated 30 000 / 35 000 litre 316 stainless steel tankers)
  • Hazardous Cargo Movements
  • Small to large contract work
  • Containerised Cargo
  • Isotanks
  • Petroleum Products

The choice of a reliable and efficient transporter with a track record of on-going support and excellent service delivery is essential to minimizing risk. Our highly trained personnel and staff are adequately equipped to maximizing the best service to customers country wide.

Innovative customer focused solutions have been meticulously developed through in-house collaboration in order to achieve the required needs of our customers ensuring that SK Group is a major role player in the competitive transport sector.

SK Group is registered with the department of transport (DOT) for the movement of hazardous goods and operates strictly within the parameters of the Road Transport Quality System (RTQS) some of which are:

  • Operators driving within the allowed speed of 80 km/h
  • Regular vehicle checks carried out on route (every 2 hours)
  • Payload within specified maximum allowed by the Road Traffic Ordinance Act
  • Vehicles equipped with cell phones, satellite tracking and on-board cameras to optimize communication
  • Continuous training and assessment of staff members
  • Vehicles and staff equipped with the necessary PPE requirements (eg: hazardous permits, special safety gear etc)
  • 24 hr controllers in place to provide real time tracking of vehicles and drivers ensuring safety and security to the SK Group of Companies

Personnel and drivers are carefully selected and developed to:

  • Steer the vision of SK Group towards customer personalised service
  • Carry out their duties in the most efficient manner that benefits both the Company and the Customer
  • Maintain the positive image that is sustained by the Company over the years of trading
  • Attain the goals and objectives set by the Company to maximize customer satisfaction.

Our high service excellence and customer satisfaction levels are obtained through our well-versed Management team, competent staff and personnel that are experienced and qualified to ensure that the required product is delivered within the possible combination of time, cost, performance and risk constraints. The capabilities are enforced by our staff whom:

  • Undergo challenging tests before recruitment and selection
  • Trained to ensure high level of fitness, skill and competence
  • Constantly motivated to uphold the Company‚Äôs image and service levels
  • Educated on the role of importance the customer plays in the organization
  • Merited for their creativity and innovation
  • Recognised as our most important assets.

The million kilometres travelled each year demands rigorous maintenance of our vehicles and this is met through:

  • Frequent servicing and safety checks undertaken in highly equipped workshops with established service providers country wide.

Customers set very high standards for the transportation of their products and we make it our business priority to meet them. Service Standards and Consistency is therefore a hallmark of the approach taken by the SK Group to ensure this priority is met.

Safety and Efficiency are of the utmost importance to both the customer and our company. It is for this reason; we provide a highly trained and knowledgeable on site supervisor that will ensure:

  • A healthy and continuous working relationship
  • Smoother operations
  • Efficient service levels
  • Minimum delays

Our personnel are well trained and informed of the latest methodology and procedures to handle various situations. We have also contracted specialist Companies that are available for major incidences. SK Group will enter into Joint Ventures with other Contractors as required to the best all-round service to our clients.


SK Group seeks to achieve the following:

  • To provide excellence and innovation in transportation
  • Maintain a strong corporate image and develop high standards of pride, teamwork and morale amongst staff.
  • Recognising the unique requirements of our clients and servicing each as an individual